In the depths of an untamed mind,
A lost day dreamer, seeking to find,
A reality so unnerving and plain,
Where fantasies dance, unbound and untamed.

Never say never, they whisper in jest,
For dreams hold power, they are the best,
In this realm where illusions unfurl,
Where the mind escapes, a courageous swirl.

Visions of grandeur, beyond what’s real,
A tapestry woven with fantastical zeal,
The day dreamer’s thoughts, a vivid escape,
Where reality falters, dreams take shape.

For life, they ponder, what does it entail?
A delicate balance, a precarious scale,
A dance of suffering and joy entwined,
A canvas painted with pleasure and pain combined.

In this world, where struggles persist,
Moments of pure bliss, a tantalizing twist,
Manipulation lingers, a sinister veil,
Self-victimization, an emotional trail.

The horror, the celebration, hand in hand,
A dichotomy of existence, hard to withstand,
The good times gleaming, like stars in the night,
Fleeting and precious, a source of delight.

Oh, day dreamer, lost in your own reverie,
With thoughts that wander, wild and free,
Your dreams paint colors in shades unknown,
Igniting passions that forever have grown.

In the fabric of life, you question and probe,
The concept of living, the ease of death’s robe,
But remember, dear dreamer, to embrace the now,
To grasp every moment, to honor your vow.

For dreams may enchant and hold you enthralled,
Yet life’s embrace is what truly enthralls,
Through suffering and struggle, you find your strength,
In joy and pleasure, a glimpse of life’s true breadth.

Never say never, for dreams will abide,
But reality’s tapestry is where you reside,
So walk the path, unyielding and bold,
For in the journey, life’s secrets unfold.

The lost day dreamer, forever will roam,
Between the realms, where dreams find their home,
Seeking solace, in fantasies so clever,
With realities unnerving, yet worthwhile, forever.



In the realm of emotions, dark and light entwined, Shall unwind the tales of trust declined. Words laced with venomous intent, A story of shattered trust, love’s descent.

Within these lines, catharsis shall be found, As hearts lay bare, their wounds unbound. Beneath the surface, a web of deceit, Where innocence fades, and betrayal takes its seat.

Enamored souls, once pure and whole, Now dance on shadows, consumed by a role. Love’s tender touch turned callous and cold, In the face of their stories, secrets unfold.

Who’s to speak of a lover’s plight, In the clutches of deception, blinded by false light. Promises broken, hearts torn asunder, Innocuous words became the weapon of thunder.

A symphony of deceit, orchestrated with care, Subjugation of hearts, an art beyond compare. Once tender whispers turned to bitter lies, Love’s true essence twisted, lost in disguise.

unveiled is a tale of woe, As trust shattered, like fragments in the snow. A friendship once cherished, now stained by deceit, In loyalty’s defeat, their bond does retreat.

A facade they both wore, hiding true intent, Yet beneath the surface, true motives were sent. Innocence lost, in the darkness they strayed, Forever betrayed, their connection decayed.

I’m here to tell you of a bond untamed, Where love and deceit intertwined, unchained. Passions ignited, a flame burning bright, But the touch of deception extinguished the light.

Enamored hearts entangled in a dangerous dance, Love overshadowed, by deception’s advance. Words that once kindled, now fueled the fire, Desire for dominance, the ultimate desire.

I worry for it reveals a fragile trust, Innocence shattered, crumbling to dust. A partnership tainted by treacherous seed, Where love’s foundation began to recede.

With each whispered lie, a bond weakened more, Wounds cut to the core, in deception’s store. Innocuous actions unveiled a hidden face, Leaving hearts wounded in love’s empty space.

In search of redemption’s call, As victims rise, standing tall after the fall. In the ashes of deception, they find their strength, Rebuilding their spirits, reclaiming their length.

From the depths of despair, a phoenix does rise, Catharsis achieved as tears dry from their eyes. They mend their hearts, scarred but not broken, And from the ashes, new love is awoken.

In these tales, a journey does unfold, Where hearts prevail, in stories untold. Through the grip of deceit and saccharine words, The human spirit endures, resilience assured.

May these words serve as a cautionary plea, To guard your heart with earnest decree. For in the realm of emotions, a balance must reside, To shield against betrayal’s painful stride.



What’s truly defined as real loss, is love lost in it?
To whom is it you refer to as your safe haven, someone you’d like to call home?
A fortress so strong that you find solitude in every unwavering word uttered out loud which acts like an anchor.
What is anarchy for you who’ve lived in a lawless society, only because you couldn’t afford to buy yourself out?
Does sense apply in any and all common way to life when living is a definition of not yet dead?
I for one thought that today I’ll stop questioning and get on with life, but turns out that to move forward one has to keep an open mind.
Reach out and touch base with your inner self by embracing those embarrassing deeds and self acceptance.
Do I appeal to my very own better judgement or have I been diluted by fantasy?
Is today the day my search ends or is the search hunting me itself? for whose’s to know if I’m the hunter or the prey.
Damn the confusion settles as is dust from a windy day.
Wild untamed thoughts never to be spoken out loud, for thinking about it gives me a creepy skin clawing effect.

©️George G Nyambura
24nd Apr 2023



I died and went straight to this here heaven.
A twitchy nose for something smells fishy I swear it’s a reincarnate of the nineveh story.
Bold being the assumption that life ever left me, but now I’m reborn to face it all afresh.
“Let’s get it over with doc” I think I said for I didn’t feel the need to scream out loud for proof of life.
This is in the knowledge that what’s to come will be far more tear worthy, so let’s spare the liquid manly gold.
I came to it just to have myself wonder if deja Vu is but the universe version of a cruel joke on me?
Thought of making it known to the world that I’ve lived this here life again, but to what end?
The wonder being if everyone is in an infinite loop as I’m or rather it’s a different world?
Will my intuition kick in on a timely manner to aid me avert what’s to come, in a psychic way or should I pop by the washroom so as not to wet my beddings?
Huh! this ain’t the rerun I thought it was or might I have missed a lot of the previous life anyway?
Disheartening it is how I question myself as if self believe is a political promise.
Though the thought of calling it quits is a resignation from power, whose greed is bent at exploiting every last ounce but with a hint of care about it’s needs.
Amnesia befriends me; Seemingly that me and I are tight given the memory regression or lack thereof.
Tell me something you who dream and end up not living your dreams, would it be easier to live it all knowing that the nightmares are part of the package?
Our very own version of what’s sweet success is not the same as is with others.
For posterity’s sake is the future predictable or will things be altered by the mere actions of my having lived this life again?
Oh well live and let live I guess.

©️George G Nyambura
22nd Apr 2023



I recall a conversation with my mother given a financial crisis that we’ve been undergoing, nothing in sort of hope to cling on to but a struggle that breaded more to come (as if to say a hopping bunny or a verminous infestation of sorts). Wrecking our thoughts to spawn a solution and it seemed like an uphill task but whose to say what the future holds?
We’ve all been in this types of situations where the mess after another keeps pilling up covering you to no end in sight, to the point of questioning why me? but why not you? who deserves to endure your pain other than you? For if life was without struggle then it would it be worth living?
With that in mind just staring at my almost frail though an oxen of a mother, I couldn’t help but think that I’ve grandly failed given that all the troubles we’ve endured Her and me. I thought to myself how my luck will turn for me to rebuild this foundation of a woman whose been the the rock to the journey that I call life.
”I was googling in search of what the implications of an organ sale/donation for some financial reprieve” My thoughts echoed out loud as She stared at me Her lips trembling as if trying to figure out how to respond to me.
From the expression given her widening unflinching eyes deeply staring at me as if to gauge whether I’m serious or not, I could sort of see a tear forming on the left side of her eye (Her swift hand wiping it before it fully formed). Her response coming out with kind of a groggy hoarse voice sort of begging me to reconsider but wanting to know if She’s the reason behind my thoughts.
” What will it benefit me to have the money you speak of but have you loose your life as a result? Is the loss of a son equitable to the financial gains you think of ? She asked
Pondering on the statement as I tried to avert my gaze from Her’s, making use of my peripheral though not for long before I looked straight into Her eyes and blurted out without a thought in mind a response that shook Her to the point of asking for a topic change as She left me in my very own trail of misery.
I could tell that there was a hint of appreciation to the thought of me providing a financial breakthrough though welcomed, it remained in poor taste since up to now those words I consider thoughtless and clearly cause more pain than relief. Parenthood is not just the good nor the bad though relative, it’s all about preserving the the life brought forth into this world.
“You’d have one less son to worry about”

George G Nyambura ©️


Nukuu ya Kwanza

Wingi wa Kitu sio kutosheka, Wala upungufu wake kuteseka.

George G Nyambura ©️

What Does It Mean?

   When you can no longer be leveraged by worldly possession and instead feel content with the current status quo.
  To be so inclined to decline an offer that looks good on paper, which others would die for yet it’s a dice roll for you.
   Standing in the precipice of life with no hope nor fear that nothing drives/ moves you yet still can’t pull the trigger.
   A joke turns into sower reality, with no heavy heart nor self loathing to make it all worth the action.
  Times stuck and stack upon you , it’s every tic not to mention the tok that’s echoing a big bang inside your membrane which it nothing short of pure torture.
  A kiss isn’t passionate anymore for it’s a trademark copyrighted and stamped with betrayal.
  Waiting for the results when constant growth is not marred not in solitude but rather cancelations.
   Alone is not lonely for to live is an endless journey cocooned in its opposite which is evil yet it’s worth a thought.
  Like a hand full of sand all seems to be slipping away, though on second thoughts that’s an excuse for bad behavior.
  Fell head over heels in a daydream of what the world had to offer. but not what it actually did offer.
  I for one know not of how you view the world from your end, for from mine my vision as is my judgement might be impaired.
  pain easily self understandable though hardly unexplained out loud for it lacks the same emotional
  For my own damnation I seem to be begging on a daily, never have I ever felt so out of touch with myself.
  I know when am not wanted but that’s when am needed the most, so I thought as I tried to stand up straight get myself together by shouldering my burdening weight.
  To whom much is given much is expected, life is my gift and to live is the expectations though the baggage that comes with it drove me to this.
  Life ceased to be a rest stop and it became where rest stopped to exist, for everything is a matter of carrying on.

   Life’s a gamble nothing feels straight forward since death is a guarantee and life has no warranty.
  Is there really a light at the end of the tunnel, with time I’ll come to find out I guess.

George Githunguri



Sometimes to be feared is to be loved , but never mistake fear for love.

For in this world we are in competition with ourselves, but ourselves seem to be wining.

Lets take our time to ask “Self” is life a competion without completion?

You seem to have found happiness amid your partners absence.

I sense it was but an abrupt move flowing with your moods.

Disdain you seem when your partner is around , but the feeling seems to be mutual like a belt going all round.

Ebulliently your words are spat from thy mouth, hence you are enthralled by your partners words.

Forlorn are your intetions to leave as you smitten like a schoolgirled crush.

Doubting what your about to do will be kosher.

Its a fairytale for sure you do potray a magnanimous side of you.

Grotesquely the chain of reaction seems to be , nought we are to each other.

Lets choose to take this chance and change for the better as we overtly engange in an agreement.

Sir. George Githunguri

© Jul 2013



If they call me crazy, tell them am not the first to go mental.
A state of mind

When she calls me baby, let me tell you I feel like I’d behave like one.
Oh this lady

I pave the way to make my intentions clear and known to myself mostly.
It’s now if not forever.

Today I tirelessly work in anticipation of a pay day, the cheque unsigned.
Payment is also work I suppose

Let it sink in that knowledge is not a school affair but a life lived in experience.
pay your dues and live life as it comes

How come anger can’t be contained, a moment of self awareness it always is.
Where our strength is mastered in our silence

We’ve at so many times wished for a miracle to quench our hearts desire.
Hello to the real magic that is reality

Anchored in worry a well of tears down it all goes like a sinking ship off a cliff.
Water under the bridge

Is our happiness tethered to others as is a rope to a zero grazed animal?
A circle of life whose ring doesn’t require taming
  One’s there was a sparkle that shimmering shine that made me all enthusiastic
Dead by the eye’s is the current result.

That common believe that we’ll die with our secrets yet they constantly kill us daily.
An ally of life.

It’s meaningless to suffer unless we find a meaning to it.



It was never about getting you in bed , just in pursuit of an inbreed.
Not for just when am bored rather to get you on board as my teacher, unlike the stuff taught on boards.
Condoning not the sinful nature, since you are a woman of graceful stature as per your Nurture.
Like a sneeze for sure you can’t be contained (bless you).
Its time you knew this relationship wouldn’t last.
And as the sea waves, its a bye in relation to this parting ship.

Sir. George Githunguri

© Jun 2017



Take them and leave
All I’m to you is what I posses.
A piece of flesh to ogle at, use and reuse.
To you they need more work, “firm” you say to affirm your dominance.

Be on your way oh man.
It’s out of desperation you hit me up.
Just for you I have sacrificed
My one’s pounding heart no longer beats for you.
Your lust whose red flags had my heart blinding my vision no longer lasts..
Your overly sexualized ego whose bruised by another males presence in mine life.
Never mind looking back, for my back will be the only thing to face you.

In haste take your steps
For so long you’ve been the author of my sorrows.
Inserting yourself in the midst of every breathe I take.
No longer broken but shuttered
The wholeness that I’d built scattered in pieces.
That touch that I longed and craved for is nothing more than an irritant.

Lock up on your way out
Forlorn in a desert of self loath
The smoking signals of the volcanic desire that once was.
Unquenchable is the thirst that’s freedom to escape yours grasp,
Disgust and shame is the feeling that all this I brought it upon myself
This here is the end game now

Shut up and go
My thoughts scream out as I listen to you bend the truth to others.
Clinging on to your every utterance
“you are a lucky one” they always address me and say.
“Lucky to be alive” I retort mentally.

©️ George Githunguri



Life’s about moments
We share our all just to see others happy
A compromise made towards a successful day
The inner joy that separates us from our demons.

Whether in pain or crammed with laughter.
Memories are what we are all after.
A colorful spirited smile.
A tender gentle reminder to uphold sanity.

A skillful soul knows when’s best to be silent.
Release the anger through meditation.
Not to agitate self.
Advocating for privacy and yet assertively working on all your shortcomings.

Sir. George Githunguri

© April 2018



In the world of poetry you find peace when alone.

Hence for a game with commentry a true fans cheer must goes on.

A world full of questions but no answers, addictions but no reccomendations.

As death lingers around, is it the only time to catch a brake.

Its like throwing a stone in the water, causing a ripple effect.

Well may it be in a good or bad way, but life/world will never halt for you to succed.

An embezeled way of life, where imagination seems to have a frightening effect.

Where wisdom no longer comes with age, but all you have to do is show your elders some respect.

For in this aspect you’d rather not fight a battle that you “might” regret.

Utopia depends on you view of a better world, for in that begets your pride.

A man eat man society, all in search of materialistic commodities.

But let humility swallow your pride , as this generation succumb to change like a tide.

Sir. George Githunguri

© July 2013



Stranded in between somewhere and most definitely nowhere.
Now here all alone in this dark filled void that’s termed as loneliness.
A loner I am no doubt, but am not an island for help I want to scream and shout.
Its that time of the day I decide to take a step in turn, eventually turn in my conscious.
Not but ones but a few times I have had a epiphany, scary is the past thought that was always overwhelming.
Feels like I have encountered an ugly soul, so demonic that my skin crawls.
Am told that love that don’t flow to the unlovable is barren in an isolated island.
A stroll down this city of refuse in search of what I call refuge.
And so it goes having fought other peoples wars, am still yet to fight my own battles.
A saviour complex is genetic to me, if they were jeans I would take them off.
A picture is worth a thousand words they say, I in turn substitute to a million questions.
Not why me as is the norm, but thanks its me as its supposed to be.
I can see the light though not in a tunnel, it brightens by the second death grinning smile it is.
Am not quitting nor will this unbeckoning shackles hold me down.
The yonder I see, as constance is the faith towards a positive change.
Am far from the end


Sir. George Githunguri

© Oct 2016


A Whisper In A Stormy Day (INSIGNIFICANT)

We have a voice the problem is that we choose to use it when it suits us.
We have a voice but we let it speak about others.
We have a voice but we choose to talk other than listen and learn,
Such is the beauty of our voice when we raise it to assist each other, though not all our motives are clean cut.
The same voice that speaks love spews out hate and whispers words to catalyse action, reaction and in actions.
We fail to speak in one voice although the effects are felt all through out this here land.
We race to further our goals and stay mum when we are called upon to defend what’s not ailing us.
Hoarse is this same voice whose body is unsettled but the words not aired just because our pockets have been sanitized.
Help me please⁉️ is the voice that pleads for a hand.
Sweet words are when the voice is used to make one mellow in delight.
The power that is our voice has the ability to move masses and generate change.
Whose voice do you listen to when you forge forward towards that decisive path that you are on?
Voices filled to the brim in ours head and still no words uttered for fear of looking insane.
At times talking to ourselves and startled by our very own voices sounding our inner thoughts out loud.
The mouth remains uncovered but still words go unspoken.
Why do we have the voice to speak out the truth but ours is the choice to bend it labelling it as “alternative facts”.
Whose to say that you are right or wrong if your nurture remains to be different and unexposed yet you want to voice out to the world.
At the pinnacle of our understanding, what’s lost on us that our self awareness dictates that you can’t interfere voicing it as minding your own business.
When things go wrong and the burn is real whose to quench that fire burning from within if you are to afraid to speak out.
Creating a pseudo account so as not to taint your image since you want to speak out on a sensitive matter.
Voiced through art, work, R&R and whatever floats your bubble.
Communication remains key and nothing as a response solves nothing.
Damned we are for we watched and claimed it doesn’t concern us when we watched our neighbors suffer.
  Disguised with care, the voice can be altered to make it seemingly concerned yet aloof since ones witch hunting for information
serenades of emotional purity that seems to be stress relievers voiced in a wishful thinking voiced so eloquently that the sale pitch makes the right moves
  We have a voice that goes unused, overused and in some place misused, when in sign language, verbal or physical/ non physical reaction.
  Despite our societal position, we all have a voice and how we use it it’s up to us.

George Githunguri


Quote 143

One’s you abuse privilege let alone a right, be ready to face what’s coming your way & expect not other’s to sacrifice their well-being for your entitlement.



Oh no ! Am I supposed to be the hero?
Is the damsel in distress or is it damn zeal and more stress?
How I wish I could ace this overthinking test.
Asking myself who died and made me mayor of this town?
this crown unfit to be mine and still I dawn it like it’s my birth right.
left in despair, morally corrupt is this here moment.
can I call it a night since my days are beaming in darkness?
whose plan should I foil in order to quench this madness?
How best should I sleep yet the snore of my previous insomniac thoughts keep me awake?
I often tire rolling this down this rough patch, to bad things are not as they seamlessly seem.
It’s the soft life in others we sought out as we’ve seen it to be, though they be it a masked soul that will always bottle down their shortcomings.
Explosive anger ain’t nothing but self will to heed caution by grasping control least the pieces never be seen.
  A glimmer of light from one’s expectations, dragged out and skinned by life’s reality checks.
  Tick tock goes this precious time piece that’s life, nothings but a rotation of the old for one which is a new begging for the next.
  Truly half lived if you still don’t hold  on to discipline as a way of it all, self control to keep you afloat and mistakes that are lessons learned through experience.
  This remain to be a confusing era, the error of it all being humanity or rather lack thereof rather.

©️George Githunguri



A slight node of mines head and all comes flashing back jaded like.

Abhorred are my bended thoughts to fit my ambitious self.

Profusely denying the fact that you can never outrun who you are, but can clearly outlive whom you’ve become.

Down in flames all goes and up in smoke its seems to be seen.

You are not created to shadow, but to star in your own reality.

A good look at yourself and mirrored is an image that shame the angels.

Positivity is the game for you are hot as lava, but don’t be just as thick.

puzzled by the grim’s grip to its scythe, beheaded Am I in face of the afterlife.

Foretasted are the thoughts of how, when and where it will all be, in wonder if the soul is left watching over us…

Sir. George Githunguri

© Feb 2018



I thought of you and a tear ran down my right cheek.
The thought of your sleepless nights, stressful thoughts and clouded judgement weakend me.
Battles you fought and quit before you could stand tall for the war
This world that irked you to your end by catalysing the great pains you harbored inwardly.
How many days did you spend worrying about things you saw an we’re unable to come to terms with a resolve?
What tormented your well-being by choking the air out of your lungs and plunged you deep into insecurities?
Whom did you reach out to, rant/vent your heart out to and still the burden wasn’t close enough to alleviation?
How surreal was your experience that to you life was no longer worth living?
To what extent did you go to before you choose a day and dabbed it your last ?
Had it been this bad and are you the last or is it rather the first to go through the motions, emotions & now a point of caution?
When you jotted down your last words was it through pain, acceptance, denial or rather just a curtain call for you?
What about you who took it into your own hands to take your leave without any further explanation as to the reason why?
The pain you left behind didn’t register to you that it would be enormous, you clearly thought it as end of an Error and not an Era.
You who felt unloved/ unwanted, whose action weren’t reciprocated in the right way, a victim of violence physical/mental/financial misfortune s.
Life is worth living though you weighed your options and called it a wrap with an unwavering thought.
Am I right to even question the act while I was of no help nor wasn’t able to see the signs?

What would I have done, said or even enlightened you differently to have you hold on.
We are all walking obituaries for sure I know, the common destination we so share being death but why cut life short or was it written so?
Thoughts of why; like tumbleweed on a windy, hot scotching and dry deserted dessert keep disturbing me, begging this dried up shocked eyes of mine to not to close but profusely blink for darkness is something that has me jumpy.
Memories of you linger as is a scented aroma to a hungry gawking belly.




I was born in this season need I say for more than the reason known to me.
I’ve learnt but am yet to to know what the worlds all about
Peace of mind is what am about.
What I crave for is not defined by peoples views and opinions of whom they think me to be not doing it for posterity rather than prosperities sake.
I love and I have been loved, for the conceived by a couple who felt me right is just but my living testament.
The truth will always shine and enlighten my path for born a crime I was not, this is the time í truly feel it being given freely without any other expectation.
I’ll shimmer and glow like the crystal clear waves that sway in vigorous motion letting nothing stand on there way.
Drive through the road of life enjoying the scenery without the fear for I am not a worrier but a warrior.
Taken my chances within reason for life’s a gamble, though I’ll not let myself be an addict this being the warranty since death is a guarantee.
Seek forgiveness where I have wronged knowingly or unknowingly.
Lacking shame for what I seek is what others already accomplished but what’s within me ain’t mediocre.
Live and let leave
Embrace the sensations of joy and laughter, Sadness, relief and pain that’s soon to find reprieve.
Fight and stand for my own for I’ll not succumb to silence nor will my No be a cause for me to explain why.
Strive to be an individual whose actions are as a result of self and not a statistic whose demise is as a result of blindly following.
I’ll lead and also learn how to follow
Listen to form an understanding by paying attention and not because I want them to finish so I can talk.
Celebrate every achievement no matter how minuscule it might be to the world who’ve already excelenced in it.
Always have a day that I deserve for my Karma slate will be nothing less than squeaky clean.

George Githunguri


Zoars Of Prerogative Void

Shaded blood
Strong musky dripping sweat
Streaming uncontrollable tears.
Naseua and ultimate discomfort
Jaded unnerving thoughts fading out one after the other all absentmindedly.
Insomniac restless nights, in fight with the past, current and future fantasies
Unstructured bewildering feelings laced with potent emotional outburst
Sleek smile just intended to simulate a haven of positivity in a bubbling sudsy brook of volcanic negativity
The Muscle relaxers/painkillers an inhabitation of this bodies vexed yearns.
Prior to the darkness that spooked and soothed all at ones, comes the light that sharply pierced the skin from it’s rays while causing a visual distress.
A twitch of the skin for it’s crawling with irritation, but I wonder what the goosebumps present represent?
Cracking fingers as if breaking dry wood, limbs sore as if to have been on knocked out of submission.
Frail body a true acquiescence of this morden day time.
Whispers unclear uneager to form speech nor moving vertically.
Hot flaring unbearable nostrils, breathing proving to be an uphill task.
Halfway fragmented skin etched finger nail, red lit sore thumb pinching from the inside out and vice versa.
Motionless laid like a sack of potatoes dropped flat on the ground in heft as if poisoned or sedated.
A wince of painly panick though no remedy in the offing.
The day ends as such, tommorow I mend my wounds and move purposefully forward.


The Noose Loss

Where my feet fail, lord let me hover in your blessings
Slain emotions and decapitated truths we are facing.
Tense is the ever growing issue of whose right and what’s wrong.
Superiority complex so unnerving yet unbelievably deadly for it’s a race for the races.
Woke it’s said we should be though our actions to the next slumber like a hibernated bear, a sorrowful act as is at a Wake.
Who amongst us is better than the rest or are we all the same but thumping like winners on our chest.
Held down by reality, uplifted by our ambitions and disillusioned by our fantasies.
Done sacrificing for thankless people whose demands are more than you first did for them.
Up fighting on a daily just panting on zero while still at the starting point while the finish ain’t in view.
I know you not; which is not a deterrent for me to wish you the best, mutual are our friends who’ve celebrated you in mines presence.
Tough it is to say that it’s a consolation price worth loosing the person, but we know their soul rests at a wonderful place.
Beauty is not just in what is seen, heard or experienced but it’s in the fact that we are alive to be part of it all.
Hate, love, anger, spite, lust, laughter, cries, tears, scream of pain/panick or joy, praise worship and all that’s ent to be gained.
Rumour has it that.. it’s catalystic how news spread like wild fire in a field of hay, yet we are all after success and clearly life’s made by our actions
At times its best to get to know a stranger than hang out with the same old folks, who’ve constantly found comfort in the zone they are in.
A stranger to your very own behavior light, camera action on your multiple personality act



Nauseated, illed by this worldly words.
Can’t get them back once you’ve spat them out.
As the nose intake digestively and discharges air.
Why can’t words be swallowed after emitted.
To speak freely, does one really require permission.
In addition to listening as a skill, everyone’s all ears as your words spill.
The grins, show of disgust, enlightenment, disbelieve, understanding among all others shaped on the listeners faces.
It’s as if you’ve made a suggestion for a trip to the sewers.
A total imagination of all kind of feaces, around gathered are but a celebrative gathering: lets call it a mob of flies.
To tame when used right they can work wonders, for the right words interms of conviction.
“Its easier said than done” they say.
An sales persons skill, why not ask a spokesman.
Stage fright; talk of phobia when it comes to public speaking.
Its alright in references to motivational talks, guidance and counselling ?

George Githunguri
© Dec 2012



Plunder away, as we fools cheer you on for a hand out in your guzzlers which we’ll never come even close to owning.

As you and you golf buddies request for a cold one at the country clubs after teeing off, families out here no resources are wondering why their tea is off.

Squander the countries resources to your fill and throw an empty promises oh Mr/s. politician, we’ll just accept the heavy taxation mandated to us so you can live life as we focus on survival as squatters in our very own homes.

Extend your hands for more hand outs and continuously borrow from other countries and sell our last shirt off our backs as collateral, for we do the same though we spill our neighbors blood for you for we believe you are the change we need.

Pass on bills ment to safe guard we the commoners, stay mute for 5 years and take naps at parliament for your sitting allowance is not affected; but when your salary increment debate is on you’ll always stand unshaken claiming hardships and how worthy you are.

Fuel the tribal wars throw in shade to catalyse the masses anger, for your style of leadership is founded through division, instigation and hate.

Arm your community for a pool of blood is about to flow, while you and your family jet out of the country on holiday for safety reasons watching it all while relaxed floating on a bubble in an infinity pool somewhere.

Bite off the hands that feed you, for we the people who put you there and are taxed to pay you are just lazy layabouts who you insist should create their own employment.

Suck up to foreigners as is do most men to a pretty lady, yet ignoring we who’ve been there with, for and by you; just to come back to us seeking more to impress your new found hobby.

Kill the messager, set ablaze the message, destroy all industries and while at it run them to the ground for a government bail out. oh forgive me the tax funded bail out will always come in handy.

Spew shinanigangs at our peoples funerals and cause chaos as is the norm. for a last send of is for the rich, your fellow political class and their family member,

Break every law you so hold hostage to your people, if it so helps your businesses and lifestyle advance yet prosecute a man for feasting on His neighbors dog for claims of hunger.

My life is in danger, extra security you claim; Do you know how dangerously we are working & living on a daily just to secure you that position yet end up as bro’s who are broke and broken.

A battle of words against your colleagues just because of difference in opinion, yet calling for integrity from us while yours is just intent on greed.

Feel at home when visiting other nations as you take in all they have to offer asking “why can’t we did it?”, yet you forget the rising havoc and mayhem is as a result of you and your cronies way of bagging another sit a campaign promise for a fix.

In the wee hours of the night without warning/notice you’ve bulldozed people’s homestead, failed to develop the said projects by looting it’s funds as your zooming past traffic on the wrong side while a whaling ambulance is just but none of you concern, silly me your health/living is a better countries problem not ours [we are but your office and eventually cemetery].

A lot more to say but just know one day we’ll wake up sick and tired of being sick and tired, the arms you’ve handed us will be aimed right back at you and not to our neighbors but as for now stock up,

This is not a call to arm’s, but think it’s free before it’s no longer legal; stand back but do stand by for a mental revelation is here and the revolution is now.


1st feb 2021 ©️



Vacuously I seem to focus.

Staring in the blues, not even a single clue.

You seem to be coyishly fading away.

A feeling of cachet flowing in and out of you, deeply

Oozing from your curved up smile.

For sure without a doubt I’d walk miles to have you ,but you seem to be brusque about it.

Let me assure you of my intention, since Am not trying to tame you, but let you be wild as the jungle itself.

Apprehensively your continuous shot glances gets the better of me.

Acquiescently I seem , but acquiesce I am fervently overwhelmed by an unknown feeling to me.

Sir. George Githunguri

© Jul 2013



When did you first introduce you to yourself?

More like understood who you truly are.

After taking time to find yourself, but where does one go for the search.

It used to be more of a lock and load.

Now surely dubbed rock and roll.

To a hideous look and lol.

Sir. George Githunguri

© Apr 2015


Only Human

Where did we go wrong training animals to behave like us, while we disregard a moral decaying society?
Whatever happened to loving humans and using thing instead of the opposite.
When did we get busy enough to ignore the waling morns of a dying soul?
Whats this we a creating AI structures to act as humans as we act robotic while we claim to be growing?
Who is to blame of all those time spent away from fellow creatures as we exploit mother nature?
Why is it a game setting humanity a blaze and calling it fun?
Competing to kill each other is but a famed superiority game.
Patriot who die, gunned down fighting fellow men.
Discontent and jealousy, Paining with empathy.
A distorted mind, controled by the tele via our vision to be programmed.
A people in a mission, untrue to others and themselves.

Sir. George Githunguri

© Nov 2014


Quote 142

The thrill is not in “getting used to" but in knowing each other. 

George Githunguri