I crave clarity, a yearn for sincerity
Am looking for stability and all the success that accompany peace of mind
Somethings seems to elude me
Other matters seem to want to split me into two
A flickering flame that won’t die down
Molten spirit that’s stuck on each other keeping me going
I seem to lack one thing or rather another, though positive for I am whole and not weary
Ave grown to appreciate the spark that twinkles deep inside those smiling eye, underneath that worn out wrinkly face.
Settling for less while working to the last ounce of strength, just to make someone proud and feel the sacrifice.
Acidity levels choking my insides as I salivate at the thought of a meal I ones called a pass on.
The fear of consequences, that seem to have me place myself on others shoes.
Dehydrated body beat up as the air that’s freely given to us flows in like hot soup and out my nostrils dry
Day dreaming of the day I’ll take a vacation from myself, at a sand beach with a beautiful view, while the waves sway like a Latin lady’s hips dancing to salsa.
I seek answers to questions unknown to me
Staring at the horizon and always alert at the slight startle, as if expecting something or someone who’ll change my days perspective.
All isn’t lost for life still flows through me, despite the constant thought of that unwelcomed sprawling bullet making it’s way through my now hollowed skull.

George Githunguri

By Sir. George Githunguri

Enjoying life and all it has to offer, blessed to be alive and championing for humanity

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