Plunder away, as we fools cheer you on for a hand out in your guzzlers which we’ll never come even close to owning.

As you and you golf buddies request for a cold one at the country clubs after teeing off, families out here no resources are wondering why their tea is off.

Squander the countries resources to your fill and throw an empty promises oh Mr/s. politician, we’ll just accept the heavy taxation mandated to us so you can live life as we focus on survival as squatters in our very own homes.

Extend your hands for more hand outs and continuously borrow from other countries and sell our last shirt off our backs as collateral, for we do the same though we spill our neighbors blood for you for we believe you are the change we need.

Pass on bills ment to safe guard we the commoners, stay mute for 5 years and take naps at parliament for your sitting allowance is not affected; but when your salary increment debate is on you’ll always stand unshaken claiming hardships and how worthy you are.

Fuel the tribal wars throw in shade to catalyse the masses anger, for your style of leadership is founded through division, instigation and hate.

Arm your community for a pool of blood is about to flow, while you and your family jet out of the country on holiday for safety reasons watching it all while relaxed floating on a bubble in an infinity pool somewhere.

Bite off the hands that feed you, for we the people who put you there and are taxed to pay you are just lazy layabouts who you insist should create their own employment.

Suck up to foreigners as is do most men to a pretty lady, yet ignoring we who’ve been there with, for and by you; just to come back to us seeking more to impress your new found hobby.

Kill the messager, set ablaze the message, destroy all industries and while at it run them to the ground for a government bail out. oh forgive me the tax funded bail out will always come in handy.

Spew shinanigangs at our peoples funerals and cause chaos as is the norm. for a last send of is for the rich, your fellow political class and their family member,

Break every law you so hold hostage to your people, if it so helps your businesses and lifestyle advance yet prosecute a man for feasting on His neighbors dog for claims of hunger.

My life is in danger, extra security you claim; Do you know how dangerously we are working & living on a daily just to secure you that position yet end up as bro’s who are broke and broken.

A battle of words against your colleagues just because of difference in opinion, yet calling for integrity from us while yours is just intent on greed.

Feel at home when visiting other nations as you take in all they have to offer asking “why can’t we did it?”, yet you forget the rising havoc and mayhem is as a result of you and your cronies way of bagging another sit a campaign promise for a fix.

In the wee hours of the night without warning/notice you’ve bulldozed people’s homestead, failed to develop the said projects by looting it’s funds as your zooming past traffic on the wrong side while a whaling ambulance is just but none of you concern, silly me your health/living is a better countries problem not ours [we are but your office and eventually cemetery].

A lot more to say but just know one day we’ll wake up sick and tired of being sick and tired, the arms you’ve handed us will be aimed right back at you and not to our neighbors but as for now stock up,

This is not a call to arm’s, but think it’s free before it’s no longer legal; stand back but do stand by for a mental revelation is here and the revolution is now.


1st feb 2021 ©️

By Sir. George Githunguri

Enjoying life and all it has to offer, blessed to be alive and championing for humanity

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