Zoars Of Prerogative Void

Shaded blood
Strong musky dripping sweat
Streaming uncontrollable tears.
Naseua and ultimate discomfort
Jaded unnerving thoughts fading out one after the other all absentmindedly.
Insomniac restless nights, in fight with the past, current and future fantasies
Unstructured bewildering feelings laced with potent emotional outburst
Sleek smile just intended to simulate a haven of positivity in a bubbling sudsy brook of volcanic negativity
The Muscle relaxers/painkillers an inhabitation of this bodies vexed yearns.
Prior to the darkness that spooked and soothed all at ones, comes the light that sharply pierced the skin from it’s rays while causing a visual distress.
A twitch of the skin for it’s crawling with irritation, but I wonder what the goosebumps present represent?
Cracking fingers as if breaking dry wood, limbs sore as if to have been on knocked out of submission.
Frail body a true acquiescence of this morden day time.
Whispers unclear uneager to form speech nor moving vertically.
Hot flaring unbearable nostrils, breathing proving to be an uphill task.
Halfway fragmented skin etched finger nail, red lit sore thumb pinching from the inside out and vice versa.
Motionless laid like a sack of potatoes dropped flat on the ground in heft as if poisoned or sedated.
A wince of painly panick though no remedy in the offing.
The day ends as such, tommorow I mend my wounds and move purposefully forward.

By Sir. George Githunguri

Enjoying life and all it has to offer, blessed to be alive and championing for humanity

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