I was born in this season need I say for more than the reason known to me.
I’ve learnt but am yet to to know what the worlds all about
Peace of mind is what am about.
What I crave for is not defined by peoples views and opinions of whom they think me to be not doing it for posterity rather than prosperities sake.
I love and I have been loved, for the conceived by a couple who felt me right is just but my living testament.
The truth will always shine and enlighten my path for born a crime I was not, this is the time í truly feel it being given freely without any other expectation.
I’ll shimmer and glow like the crystal clear waves that sway in vigorous motion letting nothing stand on there way.
Drive through the road of life enjoying the scenery without the fear for I am not a worrier but a warrior.
Taken my chances within reason for life’s a gamble, though I’ll not let myself be an addict this being the warranty since death is a guarantee.
Seek forgiveness where I have wronged knowingly or unknowingly.
Lacking shame for what I seek is what others already accomplished but what’s within me ain’t mediocre.
Live and let leave
Embrace the sensations of joy and laughter, Sadness, relief and pain that’s soon to find reprieve.
Fight and stand for my own for I’ll not succumb to silence nor will my No be a cause for me to explain why.
Strive to be an individual whose actions are as a result of self and not a statistic whose demise is as a result of blindly following.
I’ll lead and also learn how to follow
Listen to form an understanding by paying attention and not because I want them to finish so I can talk.
Celebrate every achievement no matter how minuscule it might be to the world who’ve already excelenced in it.
Always have a day that I deserve for my Karma slate will be nothing less than squeaky clean.

George Githunguri

By Sir. George Githunguri

Enjoying life and all it has to offer, blessed to be alive and championing for humanity

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