I thought of you and a tear ran down my right cheek.
The thought of your sleepless nights, stressful thoughts and clouded judgement weakend me.
Battles you fought and quit before you could stand tall for the war
This world that irked you to your end by catalysing the great pains you harbored inwardly.
How many days did you spend worrying about things you saw an we’re unable to come to terms with a resolve?
What tormented your well-being by choking the air out of your lungs and plunged you deep into insecurities?
Whom did you reach out to, rant/vent your heart out to and still the burden wasn’t close enough to alleviation?
How surreal was your experience that to you life was no longer worth living?
To what extent did you go to before you choose a day and dabbed it your last ?
Had it been this bad and are you the last or is it rather the first to go through the motions, emotions & now a point of caution?
When you jotted down your last words was it through pain, acceptance, denial or rather just a curtain call for you?
What about you who took it into your own hands to take your leave without any further explanation as to the reason why?
The pain you left behind didn’t register to you that it would be enormous, you clearly thought it as end of an Error and not an Era.
You who felt unloved/ unwanted, whose action weren’t reciprocated in the right way, a victim of violence physical/mental/financial misfortune s.
Life is worth living though you weighed your options and called it a wrap with an unwavering thought.
Am I right to even question the act while I was of no help nor wasn’t able to see the signs?

What would I have done, said or even enlightened you differently to have you hold on.
We are all walking obituaries for sure I know, the common destination we so share being death but why cut life short or was it written so?
Thoughts of why; like tumbleweed on a windy, hot scotching and dry deserted dessert keep disturbing me, begging this dried up shocked eyes of mine to not to close but profusely blink for darkness is something that has me jumpy.
Memories of you linger as is a scented aroma to a hungry gawking belly.


By Sir. George Githunguri

Enjoying life and all it has to offer, blessed to be alive and championing for humanity

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