Oh no ! Am I supposed to be the hero?
Is the damsel in distress or is it damn zeal and more stress?
How I wish I could ace this overthinking test.
Asking myself who died and made me mayor of this town?
this crown unfit to be mine and still I dawn it like it’s my birth right.
left in despair, morally corrupt is this here moment.
can I call it a night since my days are beaming in darkness?
whose plan should I foil in order to quench this madness?
How best should I sleep yet the snore of my previous insomniac thoughts keep me awake?
I often tire rolling this down this rough patch, to bad things are not as they seamlessly seem.
It’s the soft life in others we sought out as we’ve seen it to be, though they be it a masked soul that will always bottle down their shortcomings.
Explosive anger ain’t nothing but self will to heed caution by grasping control least the pieces never be seen.
  A glimmer of light from one’s expectations, dragged out and skinned by life’s reality checks.
  Tick tock goes this precious time piece that’s life, nothings but a rotation of the old for one which is a new begging for the next.
  Truly half lived if you still don’t hold  on to discipline as a way of it all, self control to keep you afloat and mistakes that are lessons learned through experience.
  This remain to be a confusing era, the error of it all being humanity or rather lack thereof rather.

©️George Githunguri

By Sir. George Githunguri

Enjoying life and all it has to offer, blessed to be alive and championing for humanity

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