A Whisper In A Stormy Day (INSIGNIFICANT)

We have a voice the problem is that we choose to use it when it suits us.
We have a voice but we let it speak about others.
We have a voice but we choose to talk other than listen and learn,
Such is the beauty of our voice when we raise it to assist each other, though not all our motives are clean cut.
The same voice that speaks love spews out hate and whispers words to catalyse action, reaction and in actions.
We fail to speak in one voice although the effects are felt all through out this here land.
We race to further our goals and stay mum when we are called upon to defend what’s not ailing us.
Hoarse is this same voice whose body is unsettled but the words not aired just because our pockets have been sanitized.
Help me please⁉️ is the voice that pleads for a hand.
Sweet words are when the voice is used to make one mellow in delight.
The power that is our voice has the ability to move masses and generate change.
Whose voice do you listen to when you forge forward towards that decisive path that you are on?
Voices filled to the brim in ours head and still no words uttered for fear of looking insane.
At times talking to ourselves and startled by our very own voices sounding our inner thoughts out loud.
The mouth remains uncovered but still words go unspoken.
Why do we have the voice to speak out the truth but ours is the choice to bend it labelling it as “alternative facts”.
Whose to say that you are right or wrong if your nurture remains to be different and unexposed yet you want to voice out to the world.
At the pinnacle of our understanding, what’s lost on us that our self awareness dictates that you can’t interfere voicing it as minding your own business.
When things go wrong and the burn is real whose to quench that fire burning from within if you are to afraid to speak out.
Creating a pseudo account so as not to taint your image since you want to speak out on a sensitive matter.
Voiced through art, work, R&R and whatever floats your bubble.
Communication remains key and nothing as a response solves nothing.
Damned we are for we watched and claimed it doesn’t concern us when we watched our neighbors suffer.
  Disguised with care, the voice can be altered to make it seemingly concerned yet aloof since ones witch hunting for information
serenades of emotional purity that seems to be stress relievers voiced in a wishful thinking voiced so eloquently that the sale pitch makes the right moves
  We have a voice that goes unused, overused and in some place misused, when in sign language, verbal or physical/ non physical reaction.
  Despite our societal position, we all have a voice and how we use it it’s up to us.

George Githunguri

By Sir. George Githunguri

Enjoying life and all it has to offer, blessed to be alive and championing for humanity

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