In the world of poetry you find peace when alone.

Hence for a game with commentry a true fans cheer must goes on.

A world full of questions but no answers, addictions but no reccomendations.

As death lingers around, is it the only time to catch a brake.

Its like throwing a stone in the water, causing a ripple effect.

Well may it be in a good or bad way, but life/world will never halt for you to succed.

An embezeled way of life, where imagination seems to have a frightening effect.

Where wisdom no longer comes with age, but all you have to do is show your elders some respect.

For in this aspect you’d rather not fight a battle that you “might” regret.

Utopia depends on you view of a better world, for in that begets your pride.

A man eat man society, all in search of materialistic commodities.

But let humility swallow your pride , as this generation succumb to change like a tide.

Sir. George Githunguri

© July 2013

By Sir. George Githunguri

Enjoying life and all it has to offer, blessed to be alive and championing for humanity

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