If they call me crazy, tell them am not the first to go mental.
A state of mind

When she calls me baby, let me tell you I feel like I’d behave like one.
Oh this lady

I pave the way to make my intentions clear and known to myself mostly.
It’s now if not forever.

Today I tirelessly work in anticipation of a pay day, the cheque unsigned.
Payment is also work I suppose

Let it sink in that knowledge is not a school affair but a life lived in experience.
pay your dues and live life as it comes

How come anger can’t be contained, a moment of self awareness it always is.
Where our strength is mastered in our silence

We’ve at so many times wished for a miracle to quench our hearts desire.
Hello to the real magic that is reality

Anchored in worry a well of tears down it all goes like a sinking ship off a cliff.
Water under the bridge

Is our happiness tethered to others as is a rope to a zero grazed animal?
A circle of life whose ring doesn’t require taming
  One’s there was a sparkle that shimmering shine that made me all enthusiastic
Dead by the eye’s is the current result.

That common believe that we’ll die with our secrets yet they constantly kill us daily.
An ally of life.

It’s meaningless to suffer unless we find a meaning to it.

By Sir. George Githunguri

Enjoying life and all it has to offer, blessed to be alive and championing for humanity

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