What Does It Mean?

   When you can no longer be leveraged by worldly possession and instead feel content with the current status quo.
  To be so inclined to decline an offer that looks good on paper, which others would die for yet it’s a dice roll for you.
   Standing in the precipice of life with no hope nor fear that nothing drives/ moves you yet still can’t pull the trigger.
   A joke turns into sower reality, with no heavy heart nor self loathing to make it all worth the action.
  Times stuck and stack upon you , it’s every tic not to mention the tok that’s echoing a big bang inside your membrane which it nothing short of pure torture.
  A kiss isn’t passionate anymore for it’s a trademark copyrighted and stamped with betrayal.
  Waiting for the results when constant growth is not marred not in solitude but rather cancelations.
   Alone is not lonely for to live is an endless journey cocooned in its opposite which is evil yet it’s worth a thought.
  Like a hand full of sand all seems to be slipping away, though on second thoughts that’s an excuse for bad behavior.
  Fell head over heels in a daydream of what the world had to offer. but not what it actually did offer.
  I for one know not of how you view the world from your end, for from mine my vision as is my judgement might be impaired.
  pain easily self understandable though hardly unexplained out loud for it lacks the same emotional
  For my own damnation I seem to be begging on a daily, never have I ever felt so out of touch with myself.
  I know when am not wanted but that’s when am needed the most, so I thought as I tried to stand up straight get myself together by shouldering my burdening weight.
  To whom much is given much is expected, life is my gift and to live is the expectations though the baggage that comes with it drove me to this.
  Life ceased to be a rest stop and it became where rest stopped to exist, for everything is a matter of carrying on.

   Life’s a gamble nothing feels straight forward since death is a guarantee and life has no warranty.
  Is there really a light at the end of the tunnel, with time I’ll come to find out I guess.

George Githunguri


By Sir. George Githunguri

Enjoying life and all it has to offer, blessed to be alive and championing for humanity

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