Take them and leave
All I’m to you is what I posses.
A piece of flesh to ogle at, use and reuse.
To you they need more work, “firm” you say to affirm your dominance.

Be on your way oh man.
It’s out of desperation you hit me up.
Just for you I have sacrificed
My one’s pounding heart no longer beats for you.
Your lust whose red flags had my heart blinding my vision no longer lasts..
Your overly sexualized ego whose bruised by another males presence in mine life.
Never mind looking back, for my back will be the only thing to face you.

In haste take your steps
For so long you’ve been the author of my sorrows.
Inserting yourself in the midst of every breathe I take.
No longer broken but shuttered
The wholeness that I’d built scattered in pieces.
That touch that I longed and craved for is nothing more than an irritant.

Lock up on your way out
Forlorn in a desert of self loath
The smoking signals of the volcanic desire that once was.
Unquenchable is the thirst that’s freedom to escape yours grasp,
Disgust and shame is the feeling that all this I brought it upon myself
This here is the end game now

Shut up and go
My thoughts scream out as I listen to you bend the truth to others.
Clinging on to your every utterance
“you are a lucky one” they always address me and say.
“Lucky to be alive” I retort mentally.

©️ George Githunguri



Vacuously I seem to focus.

Staring in the blues, not even a single clue.

You seem to be coyishly fading away.

A feeling of cachet flowing in and out of you, deeply

Oozing from your curved up smile.

For sure without a doubt I’d walk miles to have you ,but you seem to be brusque about it.

Let me assure you of my intention, since Am not trying to tame you, but let you be wild as the jungle itself.

Apprehensively your continuous shot glances gets the better of me.

Acquiescently I seem , but acquiesce I am fervently overwhelmed by an unknown feeling to me.

Sir. George Githunguri

© Jul 2013