Foto art credits to Peachy

Let no one say I contributed nothing to this here society, just because they were never my priority – Naysayers.

Just because I didn’t show all the time giving to charity, all this in search of attention need I mention – Vanity.

  Today I write in the hope that I might inspire, not the world but me to conquer this troubling time without putting up a fight – Bliss

  Boredom is a disease that’s cured by exposure to new things that get us out our comfort zone and fires up the adrenaline in us we’ll call it fun – Junky

  Consumed by depression, fighting aggression, lacking motivation, pure of intention, avoiding commotion and body zealous with vibration- Contention

  There’s a certain flow that grows and emanates a certain eminent glow so surreal and outstanding bringing about balance where needed – Vibe

  Being alone is not a call for concern, they might peg you as sad, distant, depressed, stressed or even selfish we all poses our own version of quality time – Solace

  Dead on arrival is an action not well thought out when communication is well presented to the wrong recipient and expecting a positive feedback- Blunder

  Standing up for what right despite having the world against you and the choice to be open minded plus slow to overreact is nothing but righteous – candour

  Even through defeat one who stands with his own despite being rejected and spat on but shrugs it all off and soldiers on – Patriot

 Love hate relationship, stepping on each other’s toes often, picking favorites, disappointments and good times – Family

  Lies plus abuse of office, seeking political milage, always commanding, shifting blame and clinging on to power with empty promises – Leadership

 A faint feeling of distress, nausea, displeasure, yucky taste in ones mouth, an irk that’s uncomfortably irritating – Hate

 Mimickery, pointing out faults, a quick banter, a yearn for recognition, poor in taste, funny as the ribs could hold and a war of words – Savagery

  He said she said, rumors, absolute contortion of the truth, adding insult to injury, craving for attention and pure utture jealousy – Fibsters

© 2020 Sir. George Githunguri



5 years skulking around the neighbourhoods, far of than a common thug.
Contrived are your plans , robbing us when we dead asleep.
Retrospective of the unity you had when denouncing dictatorship.
Briskly campaigning to attract attention when in need of support, uncompromising the hardship and current suffering.
Flustered are we the commoners, of such hard earned betrayal. unfathomable anger which cannot be contained no more.
Hussy- like are your action, forever will your names be reprobated.
Waving a Pudgy hand at you peoples moans, grief and cries.
Wounded are our economical earnings as the gouges are there to prove it.
Irished skinned on you guzzlers and large estates. We always seem to be cogitating, well it time to remove our thinking caps.
Terrier-like towards our pockets, what a bunch of street vulture-like mongrels.
Your censorious tonal voice, which make my organs quiver.
For shame is thy the noble aristocrat.
For sure the society looks askance at your every move.
Dwindling are our resources from yourself proclaimed greed.
Its time for an act, away with the drama and theatrics.

© 8 Apr 2010 Sir. George Githunguri