The Noose Loss

Where my feet fail, lord let me hover in your blessings
Slain emotions and decapitated truths we are facing.
Tense is the ever growing issue of whose right and what’s wrong.
Superiority complex so unnerving yet unbelievably deadly for it’s a race for the races.
Woke it’s said we should be though our actions to the next slumber like a hibernated bear, a sorrowful act as is at a Wake.
Who amongst us is better than the rest or are we all the same but thumping like winners on our chest.
Held down by reality, uplifted by our ambitions and disillusioned by our fantasies.
Done sacrificing for thankless people whose demands are more than you first did for them.
Up fighting on a daily just panting on zero while still at the starting point while the finish ain’t in view.
I know you not; which is not a deterrent for me to wish you the best, mutual are our friends who’ve celebrated you in mines presence.
Tough it is to say that it’s a consolation price worth loosing the person, but we know their soul rests at a wonderful place.
Beauty is not just in what is seen, heard or experienced but it’s in the fact that we are alive to be part of it all.
Hate, love, anger, spite, lust, laughter, cries, tears, scream of pain/panick or joy, praise worship and all that’s ent to be gained.
Rumour has it that.. it’s catalystic how news spread like wild fire in a field of hay, yet we are all after success and clearly life’s made by our actions
At times its best to get to know a stranger than hang out with the same old folks, who’ve constantly found comfort in the zone they are in.
A stranger to your very own behavior light, camera action on your multiple personality act

By Sir. George Githunguri

Enjoying life and all it has to offer, blessed to be alive and championing for humanity

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